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ST Math/Jiji

We have been using a new program at school called ST Math aka 'Jiji.' In ST Math, students play visual math games designed to teach math concepts. The SAUSD paid for this program for our students this year and we are most fortunate to be able to use it!

Thanks to the homework feature, selected games are now available for students to use at home or on any other computer with internet access. Please make sure that ONLY your student with the ST Math account from MacArthur plays the games.

Your child is familiar with the ST Math method. The method often involves complex puzzles. The games begin at very simple levels, gradually increasing in difficulty. Children may get temporarily 'stuck' at a level, and this is normal. The classroom teacher can provide assistance, as necessary.

The software provides on-going feedback as to why an answer is right or wrong and the visual feedback will help your child figure out a way to successfully solve the problems. Children should not be give the right answer just so that they are able to pass a particular level! So, please do not help them when they are struggling…The 'struggle' is part of the journey!

Here is how to get the ST Math program activated on your home computer.

Step 1: Enter

Start by typing in the URL in your browser. Click on Jiji, the penguin.

Step 2: Enter the Homework Activation Code

You will ONLY need to enter the Activation Code the FIRST TIME you log in at home! You will get a screen that looks like this:
Type in this code: DOU75I-HZL-48-R6G

Step 3: Agreement

A new window will appear. Click 'I agree.'
Another window will appear. Click the button that says "Allow local data storage.' This means that the work that is done will be saved onto the ST Math server and not on your computer. (So, don't worry…your computer hard drive will NOT be storing the work!)

Step 4: Jiji

Now, Jiji will appear! Your child will click on Jiji (the penguin) and enter his/her password just like he/she does at school.
That's it! Your computer is now activated!

Step 5: To end the program

Just like at school, in order for your child to 'save' his/her work, he/she will need to click the bottom left arrow at the end of the session. Continue clicking on the arrow until a large X appears. The X indicates that all the data has been saved into the database and it is safe to turn off the computer.

Questions or problems? Contact the teacher at school.

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